Top 10 Best compares the best soundbars in the UK and selects the one by TKP as the best soundbar. In a soundbar buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different soundbars and see a recommendation on which soundbar to buy in the UK in 2021.

By considering the top list of soundbars, you can find the best soundbars and save time shopping online.


1. Wharfedale Vista 200S

Wharfedale Vista 200S

The Vista 200S is a 2.1-channel soundbar designed for 65-inch and larger TVs. In terms of physical connections, there is an HDMI ARC, optical and coaxial digital inputs, and a 3.5mm port, as well as Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

It’s easy to set up and operate, and the Vista 200S performs well in movies and TV programs. The wireless sub provided deep, powerful bass in our testing environment; speech is presented clearly, and it can deal well with hectic soundtracks, sifting through the information on offer. It’s definitely one of the finest value soundbars on the market right now, and a great discovery if you’re looking for performance on a budget.

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2. Sony HT-ZF9 3.1 Wireless Cinematic Sound Bar

Sony HT-ZF9 3.1 Wireless Cinematic Sound Bar

This ultra-slim bar and its accompanying wireless subwoofer provide Dolby Atmos sound and High-Resolution audio, making it an excellent option for home cinema and Hi-Fi aficionados.

The HT-ZF9 is a metre wide and fits 55- to 65-inch displays. There are three HDMI ports, a 3.5 mm minijack, and an optical digital audio input.

In addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it has Google Chromecast, which allows you to connect your Google phone or smart-home device.

This is another Dolby Atmos bar that does not use up-firing speakers, instead relying on Sony’s Vertical Sound Engine to trick our ears into believing sounds are coming from above. It works well, immersing the listener in a variety of sound effects.

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3. Majority Bowfell Bluetooth Soundbar 

Majority Bowfell Bluetooth Soundbar

Flexible gadgets are the finest, and none grabbed our attention more than this soundbar, which has a variety of connection possibilities. Instead of being limited to one or the other, you can look forward to wireless and wired options, allowing you to choose the one that best fits you at any given time.

Your wireless choices will be delivered through Bluetooth, allowing any Bluetooth-enabled devices to exchange media with this bar. You may also listen to music and watch movies from your TV and PC by connecting them with an RCA connection (which is included).

The subwoofer and powerful 50 W output of the soundbar can provide cinematic sound. Despite its strong sound, the bar is small and won’t take up much room. It also features easy-to-use buttons for direct control and a remote control for distance control.

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4. MEGACRA 80 Watt Soundbar

MEGACRA 80 Watt Soundbar

Do you want to enjoy a real-life experience while viewing movies at home? MEGACRA soundbars may be switched to 3D mode, allowing you to get the most out of your TV viewing experience!

One 2.0 channel soundbar optical and RCA 3.5 mm audio cable, remote control with batteries, power adapter and AC cable, user’s handbook and service card, mount brackets and wall mounting template are all included in the package.

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5. Yamaha YAS207 Front Surround Soundbar

Yamaha YAS207 Front Surround Soundbar

Yamaha probably pioneered the idea of soundbars, and it continues to produce some surprisingly excellent soundbars at a broad variety of pricing. The YAS-207, which is reasonably priced, is the cream of the company’s current crop.

The YAS-207 isn’t the most lavishly polished soundbar you can purchase, as befits its low price. It also lacks the cutting-edge codecs seen on more costly rivals. But the Yamaha accomplishes everything to a high level, and the inclusion of DTS Virtual: X means it can extract a fairly realistic sense of surround sound even from non-multichannel soundtracks.

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6. POLK AUDIO MagniFi Mini Ultra-Compact Home

POLK AUDIO MagniFi Mini Ultra-Compact Home

The Polk MagniFi Mini is the tiniest soundbar we’ve ever seen, yet despite its small size (about the size of a loaf of bread), it delivers the sound of a considerably bigger speaker. This is mainly due to its wireless subwoofer, which has a 6.5in downward-facing driver and provides a powerful thud to movies and music.

The soundbar itself, on the other hand, has a lot to recommend it. Its six independently amplified drivers create a remarkably broad soundstage for such a tiny speaker, and there are no concerns about it being able to fill a room. It also comes well-equipped in terms of functionality, with HDMI ARC, optical, Bluetooth, and Google Chromecast all supported.

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7. Sonos Beam Compact Smart Sound Bar

Sonos Beam Compact Smart Sound Bar

Another soundbar with speech recognition from Amazon Alexa. If you haven’t yet gotten on the smart speaker bandwagon or if you’re already a fan and reaching for remotes is just something you will no longer do, this is the device for you.

This bar has no restrictions on what you may listen to. 9pm BBC dramas, weekend movie marathons, podcasts, video games, and listening to the Top 40 music chart from your preferred streaming provider are all handled flawlessly.

If you ask Alexa the time, the weather, or the score of the Manchester United game while you’re in the midst of a job, she’ll hear you and answer owing to the five far-field internal microphones.

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8. SHARP HT-SB140(MT) 2.0 Soundbar

SHARP HT-SB140(MT) 2.0 Soundbar

The Sharp HT-SB140 is an excellent choice for a low-cost soundbar. For starters, it supports HDMI, so you can connect it to your Smart TV and anticipate high-resolution sound. This also unlocks a slew of new capabilities, such as the ability to adjust the volume of the soundbar using your TV’s remote control. The HT-SB140 is one of the most affordable soundbars that supports HDMI ARC.

Another advantage of the HT-SB140 is its Bluetooth connection. Connecting to the speaker with our smartphone was a piece of cake. It offered consistent streaming that did not drop out once throughout the whole day we used it.

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9. Soundbar Paiyda Sound Bar for TV

Soundbar Paiyda Sound Bar for TV

Paiyda TV Soundbar, 120 dB Bluetooth Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer. Paiyda TV Soundbar, 120 dB Bluetooth Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer Features ELEGANT DESIGN – For an outstanding audio experience, just place the sound bar next to your TV or mount it on the wall. We are always happy to provide technical assistance; if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us! WILD CONNECTION 3

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10. Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System 

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System

Bose’s Solo 5 system may be a bit old, but it’s still a really good audio bar – and at a reasonable price, given the brand’s reputation.

The 2.6 x 21.6 x 3.4-inch gadget is basic but effective, with a single optical audio input, coaxial audio input, and a 3.5mm aux port, implying that you should only need a single line into your TV to enjoy improved sound right away.

It, like many other choices on our list, has Bluetooth connectivity, so it can be used as a normal speaker for your music. Don’t forget to use the supplied universal remote to adjust the audio settings as well as operate your Bluetooth devices.

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How To Choose The Right Soundbar

A decent soundbar should provide well-balanced audio that only improves the sound output of a television, but there are many factors to consider before selecting the finest soundbar for your home:

  • Connection: Soundbars may link to devices other than televisions, such as Blu-ray players and TV top-boxes, but only if they are equipped with the required connectivity. By playing everything via the screen, an HDMI connection on both the TV and the soundbar will allow for seamless communication across devices.
  • Bluetooth: While a superb soundbar does not require many additional capabilities, Bluetooth may be the one exception, particularly for people who stream music from devices such as their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The finest soundbars will typically have Bluetooth to enable for fast and simple wireless streaming across devices. It’s a good idea to search for this function if you wish to play music wirelessly from your phone.
  • Subwoofer: Subwoofers provide improved audio by giving fullness and depth comparable to theater sound, and there are excellent soundbars that feature this kind of speaker. They are available built-in to the primary soundbar or as a separate device, with built-in being the best soundbar and subwoofer combination for people with limited space and a low budget. A external subwoofer improves the audio somewhat more than built-in alternatives. They are often offered as wired or wireless devices.


Although there are many factors to consider before purchasing a TV soundbar, we hope that our informative guide has helped you discover your ideal option. It’s critical that you know what to look for in a product before spending money on it, so now that you’re fully equipped with the facts, it’s time to go shopping!

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