The best smart smoke detectors add an extra layer of protection to your home or apartment by alerting you to a dangerous condition whether or not you are present. That’s because smart smoke detectors will not only sound an alarm, but will also send a signal to the cloud, alerting you on your smartphone.

Some smart smoke detectors can also be linked to other smart home devices. For example, if there is a fire, the smart smoke detector can tell your smart lights to turn on, assisting you in navigating your way out of your house in smoky conditions.

Let’s choose the best smart smoke alarms  for you

Top 10 best smart smoke alarms in UK 2021

1.Tuya Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector, Home Security CO Carbon Sensor

Tuya Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector detects both smoke and carbon monoxide, and if it detects either, it will not only sound an alarm, but will also tell you which room the alert is coming from and the nature of the alert. An LED ring at the bottom of the alarm changes color as well, providing a visual cue.

The Tuya Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector is available in both wired and battery-powered configurations. If you have more than one, and one goes off, the others will go off as well, alerting you to the location of the fire.

The Tuya Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector is also compatible with a variety of smart-home devices. In the event of an emergency, for example, the Nest can automatically turn on your lights, making it easier for you to exit your home. This, however, only applies to those who have not yet converted their Nest account to a Google Assistant account. It also does not work with Alexa natively.

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2.SOWSUN WiFi Smart Smoke Detector, Fire And Smoke Alarm

It connects to your Wi-Fi and sends you alerts via an app. You’ll be notified if something goes wrong while you’re not at home. It also has some old-school features. It has a powerful 85 dB alarm that goes off when it detects smoke, fire, or CO gas, in addition to voice alerts.

The SOWSUN WiFi Smart Smoke Detector, Fire And Smoke Alarm is very customizable and connected. The disadvantage is that a fire alarm is expensive. If you already use smart home devices or have a reliable home automation system, we recommend the SOWSUN WiFi Smart Smoke Detector, Fire And Smoke Alarm.

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3.Smart WiFi Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Composite Detector Alarm

This smart device is not a smoke detector in and of itself, but rather works in conjunction with one. It detects the siren tone of a UL-listed smoke detector and transmits the signal to a Zigbee Hub. It also works with Alexa and the Samsung SmartThings Hub.

It listens for warnings from a smoke, fire, or alarm and alerts the hub, which can then alert you so you can get out of the house and contact emergency services. It is also known as a link Firefighter Wireless Audio Detector.

It is certified to work with most ZigBee-enabled hubs and has a four-year battery life when using the included CR123A batteries. The multi-color LED changes depending on the device’s state.

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4.MoKo Smart WiFi Smoke Detector Alarms, Wireless Smoke Detector Smoke Fire Alarms

The MoKo Smart WiFi Smoke Detector Alarms is a smoke detector that does everything. It has a photoelectric smoke detector, an integrated carbon monoxide sensor, a speaker system, and the Alexa voice assistant built right in, in addition to being a photoelectric smoke detector. It can connect to music streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, or iHeartRadio, as well as your Amazon Alexa account. This means you can use your smoke detector to intelligently manage other smart home devices, stream music, and even do your shopping. The MoKo Smart WiFi Smoke Detector Alarms can also be used in conjunction with an existing wired interconnected alarm system that is compatible.

There is some effort involved in getting this model up and running because you must link your apps and accounts. And it’s not cheap, though we think the extra features and functionalities are well worth the price. If you’re an Alexa or Apple HomeKit user looking for an all-in-one smart home solution, we recommend the MoKo Smart WiFi Smoke Detector Alarms.

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5.Orbecco Smoke Alarms, WiFi Smart Smoke Detector Alarm

You’re having a relaxing evening cooking dinner and drinking wine. But your fire alarm isn’t aware that the “smoke” it detects is simply the water boiling for the pasta. It’s screamin’ bloody murder, and you have to awkwardly stand on a stool to turn it off.

But what if your smoke detector could distinguish between steam from the stove and smoke from a fire? What if it warned you in a pleasant voice instead of a wail? And what if you could easily silence it by using an app on your phone?

All of this is possible with smart smoke detectors such as Orbecco Smoke Alarms, WiFi Smart Smoke Detector Alarm.

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6.X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm, Wireless Smart Fire Smoke Detector

With only a few smart smoke alarms on the market in the UK, the X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm is by far the best.

Importantly, the alarm detects both smoke and carbon monoxide and will send notifications to your phone if you are not at home. It will also notify you if the battery is running low or if the sensor has failed.

The alerts will not only tell you what’s wrong, but also where the issue is in the house.

If it’s a false alarm, you can deactivate it through the app as well. The models can be powered by the wall or by six long-lasting AA batteries.

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7.Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm, 10-Years Battery life

The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm with 10-Year Battery Life works extremely well. It performs admirably in our high- and low-CO-level tests, and it receives a Very Good rating for the accuracy of its CO-level display. This model has the capability of logging the highest CO levels it detects (referred to as peak memory), which is useful for determining whether there has been a problem when you have been away from home for an extended period of time. This indicates whether or not you need to have things checked out. It also has a battery backup and can communicate with other compatible alarms.

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8.AirRadio AJ-762-R Connected Smart Smoke Alarm

The AirRadio AJ-762-R Connected Smart Smoke Alarm is a low-cost way to upgrade your home’s existing fire alarms to “smart” models. Ring is well-known for smart-home and DIY security equipment, such as its revolutionary video doorbell and smart lights and locks. The AirRadio AJ-762-R Connected Smart Smoke Alarm, a dedicated smart listener, works with existing smoke and CO alarms.

Users can place the AirRadio AJ-762-R Connected Smart Smoke Alarm up to 6 feet away from their existing smoke and carbon monoxide detector. If the detector goes off, the listener detects the alarm and sends an alert to a smartphone. However, users must already have a Ring Alarm security system base station. The AirRadio AJ-762-R Connected Smart Smoke Alarm is an excellent choice for renters or those who already have a hard-wired detector. It is also simple to install.

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9.Google Nest Protect – Smoke Alarm And Carbon Monoxide Detector

In my testing, the Google Nest Protect performed admirably, activating its alarm after only two sprays of the aerosol. It had a loud alarm that could be heard from across the 2,700 square foot house in which I tested it, and its red LED flashed continuously while the alarm was sounding. When the sensor no longer detected any aerosol, the alarm and light both turned off at the same time.

To detect smoke, the Google Nest Protect lacks an ionization sensor and instead relies on a photoelectric sensor. This makes it slightly less sensitive to flash fires, but it also reduces the likelihood of nuisance alarms or false alarms caused by cooking smoke or steamy showers setting it off. Its screen shows the amount of carbon monoxide in the air in real time, the status of the unit during a test, and a battery level icon.

Installing the Google Nest Protect was simple, and I was able to attach it to the ceiling in about two minutes using a power drill and a pencil. The anchors are white, so they blend in with the ceiling, and they came in a resealable plastic baggie, which was useful.

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10.ANKA Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm Detector

This best-selling smoke detector may be inexpensive, but it provides excellent value and solid features. The ANKA Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm Detector has an ionization sensor and can be linked to up to 18 other devices.

The smoke detector has a single test-and-silence button, and the backup nine-volt battery is installed on the side of the unit with a tamper-resistant bracket, as well as a universal mounting bracket. It has been tested to meet UL standards, and the alarm, like most smoke detectors, sounds at a loud 85 decibels.

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How to buy the best smart smoke alarms

Smart smoke detectors are a specialized product. Few mainstream companies have released their own models, and startups appear to be having difficulty getting off the ground.

Smart smoke detectors vs. “hearers”
Detects carbon monoxide and smoke.
A smart detector combines smoke and carbon monoxide sensors into a single device, allowing you to monitor both threats while at home or away. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to check and maintain two separate monitors on a regular basis, providing you with additional peace of mind. Only smart detectors with both sensors were considered.

Certified for safety and performance
We made certain that every smoke and CO detector on our list had been vetted and approved by UL, a globally recognized third-party organization that tests the safety and efficacy of household products. A UL-certified alarm is guaranteed to detect and notify you of a fire or carbon monoxide leak in your home. And, thanks to updated UL standards published in 2018, newer models, such as the smart alarms listed here, are designed to recognize a broader range of flames and reduce false alarms.

carries out self-checks
The U.S. Fire Administration recommends that you test your smoke and CO detectors at least once a month. Failure to do so can be hazardous: According to a National Fire Protection Association study, one in every five home fire deaths occurred between 2009 and 2013 in a home where fire alarms were present but not working. This can occur when homeowners are unaware that a detector is no longer operational or has a dead battery.


For those who are already settled, it is a good idea to consider upgrading your units to newer models—or purchasing additional ones to create an interconnected system—to provide better coverage for your home. However, with so many options on the market and technical details that aren’t easily digestible at a glance, finding the right smoke detector for your family and setup can be difficult.

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